Casa Del Cafe


CDC-Card-FrontAt Casa del Café, we believe a cup of coffee is more than just a start to the day. Our beans come directly from the indigenous farmers of Chiapas, Mexico- a culture that is very much in need of support. 

In Chiapas, coffee isn’t just a drink. It’s a part of life. From daytime meals to late night family gatherings, coffee is intergraded into every aspect.  

We have two goals:

1)   To bring economic support to the destitute region of Chiapas, Mexico

2)   To bring you a little bit of indigenous culture with every bag.

Why Chiapas?
Chiapas is the southern most state of Mexico and in many ways is much different from the rest of Mexico. The people are very poor and lack much of the basic necessities we enjoy in the first world as a part of our everyday lives.

My wife, Beth, and I have served the region as missionaries for many years. We’ve provided medical clinics, vision care, and do a lot with clean water. Our next endeavor is to give them an opportunity to sell their green coffee beans at fair market value, thus providing sustainable growth to the economy of the region.